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Every home requires a functional, efficient heating unit, especially during winter. However, to ensure your heating works in tip-top condition, your heating needs to be serviced at least once every year, preferably before wintertime knocks on the door. Having your heating tuned up routinely not only helps to prevent it from potential damage, but will also keep your monthly energy bills relatively lower. 

Is your gas heating not working? Wondering what the cause could be? Well, there are several common reasons for a gas heating to stop working. Showering, cooking, washing up; most people only appreciate just how important their hot water tank is when it fails. Hot water systems may seem a bit complicated and mysterious, but like all other parts of your home, they’ll benefit greatly from a bit of routine maintenance. This is particularly the case with hot water tank systems – because continuous flow hot water systems don’t store hot water and are unlikely to build up any pressure, they require much less attention.

Effective maintenance should be routine in your home and can double or triple the effective lifespan of your heating system.

Our team is expertise to advise you on all of your needs, and we offer a service and standard that’ll never leave you cold. Professional and punctual in every way, we’ll ensure a top level of service, every time. Heating repairs, maintenance & installations, our technicians can help our customers with any job. 

We’re trained and accredited in all the major brands and we are not tied to any one brand we are independent and our techs will help you make the right decision. Heating Experts have a proven team of fully qualified heating technicians only a phone call away. We will attend site to assess and diagnose your issue before proceeding with your requirement, whether it is repairing, service or installation.

We will provide you with a solution to your unit. This fits with our philosophy of getting it right the first time.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Our former customers are happy to let you know why you should choose our company. 

We’ve stayed in business for a half decades and counting because we always do right by our customers. As part of the community, we always strive to treat our neighbors with the respect they deserve.

If the electric rates haven’t increased during that time period and you aren’t experiencing a colder than normal winter, this could show a problem with your system. Contained within the air handler on your heat pump system is a set of electric heaters that serve as a backup to your outdoor unit during the winter months. If the outdoor unit isn’t working properly, the electric heaters will run more frequently in order to meet the heating demand of the home. There are also controls involved with the operation of the electric heaters that may be malfunctioning and allowing the heaters to remain on even though there is no requirement for their operation. It may only diagnose these problems by a properly trained Service Technician.

Evacuate yourself and any other persons/pets from inside the home immediately. Make sure you open the doors and windows of the house and locate source of the gas leakage. Using a phone located outside of the home, call your local gas utility and/or the fire department.

Each job is 100% unique and as a result of this, we’ll mostly likely have to see whatever it is you need replaced, repaired or serviced. We strive to not disappoint our amazing customers which is why we don’t give quotes over the phone, as the quote amount will vary drastically from job to job.

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